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January 8th, 2021
Cath’s Homespun Homeschool blog
So, Ophelia (4.5 years) can’t go back to school this week and I’ve been delegated as ‘emergency granny’ to cover three days childcare. One of my days will also include looking after Rachel (2). Their parents cover the other two days, as usual. Ophelia has done one term in Reception and is really enjoying school. When asked what she does at school, she replies ’Learning’. So I’ll have to try and keep up that progress. She’s obviously been told what to expect as she met me at the door this evening and cried ’Oh no! Nonna’s arrived. Do I have to start work?’

Although I was a secondary school teacher over 30 years ago, I have no primary teaching experience – but have commissioned a fair few children’s books, including a series (now disappeared without a trace) called Learn Together for Pan Books which covered early reading and writing. I’ve bought some wipe clean activity books from the wonderful Alligator’s Mouth children’s bookshop in Richmond and apparently the school will also provide some online help. I reassured Ophelia that we would start in the morning and ‘work’ would be fun. So, let’s see how it goes!


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