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January 18th, 2021
Cath’s Homespun Homeschool blog -18/01/21
After a very late night watching the revolting scenes in Washington DC, I wasn’t fully functioning but we decided to check on the school website and picked up some phonics practice posted for the holidays that included making our own flash cards (Ophelia’s parents had missed this one). ‘What are flash cards?’ asked Ophelia – so I showed her the idea and she really enjoys cutting out so she got stuck in. We’ll finish them next week and do the activity.

Next exercise hour, a rowdy session at the local play park. I pretended to be a fierce lion while Ophelia and a friend screamed their fear (or delight?) and tried to escape down the slide or the greasy pole. I forbade any contact with mud today as she was wearing her fairy dress complete with sequin decorations.

After lunch we were both exhausted so we collapsed on the sofa to listen to a couple of stories from the school website: Oliver Jeffers’ The Fate of Fausto, poor Fausto met a watery end for wanting to own everything, and Home by Carson Ellis, pages of beautifully illustrated fantasy homes. Both were really well read by the Reception teachers with pauses and close-ups at the right places.

Steve Weatherill (Twitter @SteveWeatherill; Insta @stevegweatherill) is an old friend and talented author-illustrator who has an excellent ‘road show’ that in normal times entrance children in schools and libraries round the UK. As well as superb activity books from b small like the Roman Activity Book, he has a series of videos including how to draw The Big Bad Wolf. Ophelia’s version looked suitably fierce and she followed his instructions easily with me pausing the video at strategic places. (For toddlers Steve’s flap book Baby Goz is a classic and now available with many other excellent resources from his own publishing enterprise.)

While I was trying to ice Rachel’s birthday cake, Ophelia was keen to start one of the Usborne wipe-clean lower-case letter books. It’s so much easier to develop fluent handwriting if the letters flow in the right direction from the start so wipe clean is great for practising over and over. (It strikes me that fluent handwriting may not be a useful skill in future. Perhaps I should be teaching her to touch type instead?)

Last but not least, Ophelia wrote the letters ‘Rachel’ with chocolate buttons on the birthday cake and helped Rachel – two today – blow out her candles…and open all her presents.

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