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February 22nd, 2021
Cath’s Homespun Homeschool blog -22/02/21

Brrr, the return of the cold weather means chilly morning walks and brushing snow off to use swings and see-saws. A generous neighbour handed over a complete ski suit for Ophelia just in time but Rachel is soon shivering and whimpering so we rush home with her tucked in the buggy – just stopping on the way to admire a neighbour’s sculpture in its snowy cover.


O is fascinated by ice and she spots some icicles hanging from the DLR track. I am instructed to knock them down with a long stick and we carefully carry them home where the thickest one lasts overnight on the wall outside.


The local pond also forms a very thick layer of ice which O really enjoys bashing with a series of sticks. She also fishes out the biggest slabs she can find…and smashes it on the ground. By carefully pushing the surface ice, we can make the whole pond turn, like a roundabout! The only downside is soaking wet gloves.

Back home, two good school projects keep us occupied: measuring, and a colourful lantern for Chinese New Year to decorate the den, made with copious glitter that makes me sneeze.
But the favourite activity by far is using our Make & Colour Paper Dolls book. Two characters press out from the back cover and can be dressed by a variety of great costumes to colour and cut out. (The clothes have old-fashioned tabs but a small spot of Blu Tack gives a better result.) O made extra clothes and accessories like the witches hat and cauldron (in her right hand) and the broomstick…and I made the cat.
Rachel joins in enthusiastically with her scissors while our back is turned!
This book definitely deserves its promotional blurb ‘hours of crafty fun’. (And there’s a whole series of similarly great titles!)Cath’s blog will be posted every Monday right here on the b small website – so stay tuned!