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January 25th, 2021
Cath’s Homespun Homeschool blog -25/01/21
Back at the coal face today but this time a much tougher gig – Ophelia and Rachel together. Wake up to the sound of Rachel screaming ’No, no, no!’ from her bedroom… the terrible twos have kicked in with a vengeance. I’m guessing it will be crowd control and very little ‘learning’ today. But after breakfast O and I managed some maths from the school activities: learning the numbers that make up 5 by counting the frogs moving round from pond, to grass, to log. A great use of computer animation and by the end of the week O had really grasped the concept.
We’re determined to get outdoors every day despite the miserable weather and we trailed off to the local basketball courts with bike and scooter hoping to see some action from keen young players we’ve watched before…but the courts were padlocked. One of them frustratingly had a football locked inside. That would have been fun to kick around. O is a very confident cyclist and races round the concrete space but of course R wanted a a go too, and made it quite clear. (I felt sorry for the residents of the surrounding flats.) There was a certain amount of noisy tugging and bike flinging before R was allowed a short turn and peace was restored. Luckily we were distracted by two teenagers who came to practise their roller skating (suitably masked). On the way home, I couldn’t believe that it was only 11 o’clock!After lunch and despite a strong black coffee, I spent quite a long period lying on the floor only-just pretending to be asleep while R covered me with little bits of cloth and scarves. They also played in their very cosy den, made with a washing rack and O listened to stories on her Yoto radio– a really successful Christmas present. With telly recruited in the final stretch, we made it to 5pm and parent take-over when I begged to be allowed to have five minutes peace (thanks, Jill Murphy) – well, more like an hour – on my own.


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