We Use Maths

Author(s): Kim Hankinson , Jenny Jacoby

Illustrator: Kim Hankinson


Target Age Group: 6 to 12

Format: Paperback

Dimensions: 220mm x 290mm

Publication Date: April 1, 2022


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Reveal the hidden maths all around us! People use maths every single day in their jobs, sometimes without realising! From a football coach studying the stats to a chef making sure everyone’s food is ready at the same time, the jobs and occupations at the heart of this super-creative non-fiction read will inspire all children to seek out the everyday maths in the world around us.


This book reveals how maths relates to the workplace. Colourful, engaging and packed with information, this is a book that will both enlighten and convince children that the maths they learn in school is useful in real life. – Tom Tolkien, The School Reading List

It’s so interesting seeing how maths is used. When you see it broken down this way it makes the subject feel more fun and approachable. It is less daunting and overwhelming when you see it presented in this way. – Posie Lancaster, posies_book_club


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