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September 24th, 2019
Slimy Science: How to make gunk!
Is it a solid, or is it a liquid??

On a particularly rainy day in September, I was inspired by the activities in Slimy Science and Awesome Activities to try making my own ectoplasmic gunk- one of the easy experiments you can find on page 19 of the book.

Here’s how to make your own!

What you need: Cornflour, a bowl, a jug of water, food colouring, a spoon.

Step 1: Put some cornflour in the bowl and add a little water. Stir well. 

Step 2: Gradually add more water until the gunk is about as thick as mayonnaise. Tip- if the mixture is too watery, add more cornflour in!

Step 3: Jab in your spoon, or squish it with your hands, and it will feel solid. Stir it gently, or scoop some up in your hand, and it’s liquid!Did you know- the ectoplasm behaves like a liquid when you treat it gently as all the particles of cornflour can slide around each other. Pushing it or squeezing it in your hands makes all the cornflour particles jam together and act like a solid.

And there you have it! To dispose of the gunk after we’d finished playing, I just tied it in a little freezer bag and popped it in the bin.

Find more wacky experiments in Slimy Science and Awesome Experiments and Cool Circuits and Wicked Wires, out in October 2019.